A couple million km, borders, ports and a pandemic? No problemo.

When industries need critical products for daily production - you generally need it kinda now. Or better yet yesterday. But some of our refractory suppliers have been challenged by their supply chain to deliver in weeks or even months. When things get hot, that's not good.

During months of pandemic lockdowns, many industries were hit hard by unpredictable production delays, rate hikes, duties and tariffs. Container rates from China to Europe soared, driving prices to double before they gradually eased back down. Stockouts became increasingly common and challenged industries across North America.

"The semi-finished metals market in Europe and in North America is facing escalating prices and extended mill lead times. "

Like never before, our global supply chain is being challenged. Challenged to deliver, to pivot, be nimble and responsive in a time when just about everything is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Wait, maybe it's not a rabbit - a thousand pound moose is often more like it.


"In 7 business days, we were able to supply and deliver a complete large scale refractory order - the other quote was over 5 weeks."

From even before the pandemic started, we've had our challenges like everyone else. So we put the pressure where it needed to be and managed to keep our material stock levels up thanks to trusted supply chain partners who consistently come through. We also tasked our design and production teams to work a few miracles for North American clients coast to coast. Everyone did their best to deliver.

Our partner networks know our products and ensure smooth customs clearance and U.S. deliveries to every corner of the country without a hitch.

Our shipping partners are invaluable to our business. We have a great 12 year working relationship with our U.S. customs broker with offices in both Canada and the U.S.A. They are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. And we stick with them because they know us and our products, so our shipments are compliant with U.S. customs and don't get held up at the border.  They ensure air & ocean clearances and ISF (10+2) through any port in the U.S.A and provide international freight forwarding whenever its needed. On the ground, we also have long standing relationships with reliable logistics providers who can meet our courier and carrier requirements for quick pick ups and deliveries.

In a nutshell, we don't want to blame the pandemic for any more pain. It's caused enough already. Instead, what we're focused on are the new solutions we uncover when everyone does their best. We can be just as strong as we were before. In fact more creative, resilient and responsive thanks to our nationwide extended team who are pretty awesome. This sounds weird, but thanks pandemic, for making us value every single one of our partners even more now.

Just let us know what you need, we'll make it happen.

Innovation is the price of entry in our business.
Innovation that works is something else entirely.