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Why Thermal Ceramics Are Ideal for You
April 04, 2017

The use of advanced thermal ceramics in industrial and commercial processes has become important more many different industries. Its native roots are sourced from the use of advanced chemical formulations exhibiting superior characteristics. Below is a comprehensive review on what makes the materials ideal for you.


High melting points

Thermal ceramic materials are best known for handling extreme temperatures. By combining high boiling points of up to 23000 F and low burnout points, the ceramic products in this class are always a great deal for high temperature environments.


Low thermal conductivity

Although best known for handling high temperatures, thermal ceramics are also known to have low thermal conductivity. This is due to the high content of fiberglass in the ceramic formulation. As a result, the ceramics can be ideally applied in various cross-industrial uses where highly stable heat conductors are required.


High chemical resistance

Another great plus in the handling of thermal ceramics lies in their ability to resist chemical abrasion. Their formulation makes them suitable and ideal for handling a variance of chemicals. It is however important to cautiously use them with strong alkalis as some have degrading effects. So keep yourself safe.


Light weight

The weight of the materials for any additive technology is always a great consideration when handling industrial processes. This is due to the high value vested in maintaining a perfect post-servicing weight on surfaces relative to the original weight of a component. When perfectly crafted ceramic products deliver excellent handling strength and extremely safe user capability. The combination of light weight and superior intrinsic features ensure that you get a unique package that meets various consumer needs.


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Interesting read. Cool.
Posted by: Andy | August 24, 2017, 2:38 pm
I didn't know thermal ceramics were so beneficial. Interesting read!
Posted by: William K. | May 17, 2017, 10:06 am
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