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Why High Temperature Gaskets Are Best in Industrial Sealing
Why High Temperature Gaskets Are Best in Industrial Sealing
June 13, 2017

When working on advanced heating processes at an industrial scale, you need to have the right gasket that not only confers effective leakage proofing but also lasts longer. A critical destructive agent for most gaskets in this high scale application is excessive heating. The high temperatures may be due to the frictional forces between joints within a pipeline, or furnace instigated, and only the right gasket can stand the test of time. For the best and more consistent results high temperature gaskets are recommended.  


Although most industrial applications prefer high temperature gaskets for sealing joints, the best gaskets are rare.


This is due to the unique requirement for use of flexible graphite in making them, a condition only best met by advanced gasket manufacturers. Imagine sealing a steam line or a chemical reactor with a gasket that gets worn out over time due to chemical reaction or high temperatures. These undesired features can be overcome through the use of specialty heavy duty gaskets. In a typical industrial process, high temperature gaskets are known to combine the required performance with enhanced service life.


Industrial sealing requires superior performance as embedded on premier gaskets that can effectively retain their stability at high temperatures. Some applications involve both high pressure and high temperature, and the right gasket for their use should match these needs with minimal chances of failure. Over the years, high temperature gaskets have been known to offer the required resilience as may be required on industrial-scale applications. A more advanced class of high temperature gaskets can also be crafted to handle extreme temperatures without detaching from the surface.  


To get the right gasket for your high temperature application, you need to be sure of its reliability and its ability to yield optimal results. Ideally, this requires advanced industrial processing for the gasket to match the customer needs, while retaining a high performance.

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