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Video: Your Guide To Refractory Materials
Video: Your Guide To Refractory Materials
August 14, 2018


At FibreCast, we specialize in the development, design, and manufacturing of high-quality refractory materials to suit your desired application. Our products are vital to a number of industries that deal with immensely high temperatures. Our wide selection of products includes castable refractories, plastic refractories, and insulating gunning mixes.


Castable refractories, also known as monolithics, are unformed refractories that can take many shapes and can be made from many different materials, perfectly tailored to suit a diverse range of applications.


Plastic refractories require water in their binding agent for proper tempering. Due to their plasticity, they can easily fit into place and provide durable protection. Insulating gun mixes are also known as high-temperature cements. They are most commonly used in construction and maintenance projects.


With over 20 years of experience, FibreCast is guaranteed to have the refractory solution that’s exactly right for your business. Give us a call today!

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