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Video: Your Guide To Castable Refractory Monolithics at FibreCast
Video: Your Guide To Castable Refractory Monolithics at FibreCast
September 18, 2018


Vacuum-formed products and refractories from FibreCast are carefully designed and manufactured for use in as many industrial heat-treating applications as possible. Our castable refractory products appear in industrial boilers, stoves, furnaces, combustion chambers, and in metal casting, along with many others applications.


Our vacuum-formed castable refractory products are designed specifically for your application. We create unique formed shapes that can be anything from simple boards to complex gasket seals. As a result, these are some of our most popular products, because of how adaptable we can be in providing them! FibreCast prides itself on this adaptability, and always welcomes the challenge of finding new ways to design products to benefit unique businesses and production lines.


To learn more about custom castable refractory products from FibreCast, our expert technicians are always available to talk with you about our products. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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