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Video: Finding the Right Ceramic Gasket
Video: Finding the Right Ceramic Gasket
July 10, 2018


A FibreCast ceramic gasket can be formed out of any number of useful materials, but you’ll want to carefully consider your application before selecting one. Many times, the ceramic product you need won’t just be the cheapest one, or the one that has the heat resistance you need. A ceramic fibre blanket, for example, can resist heat at over a thousand degrees Celsius, but it will really shine against chemical damages.



On the other hand, if you need protection from ultraviolet or ozone damages, you’ll probably want a silicone gasket — even though its heat resistance is about a quarter of the strength of fibre blanket. Our products are designed to be effective in many different situations — not just against high heat! If you want help finding the ideal ceramic product for your production line, feel free to contact us any time, and we’ll be sure to help you out.


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