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Video: Fiberfrax and Fire Safety
Video: Fiberfrax and Fire Safety
November 10, 2017

Here at FibreCast, we want to spread the word about the necessity of having a safe workplace. This week’s product spotlight falls on Fiberfrax.


What is Fiberfrax?


It is a specialty, fire-proof material used to protect and insulate ventilation ducts. Fiberfrax becomes essential wherever a major HVAC system or other ductwork is present. Both industrial operation and commercial kitchens cannot operate safely without ventilation duct protection. Fiberfrax mats and blankets are made of alumina-silica, and are extremely effective for fire insulation purposes.


By insulation your air ventilation ducts and grease ducts with Fiberfrax, you are proficiently reducing the spread of fire. Without adequate fire resistance, the duct system becomes an overwhelming hazard, rapidly spreading dangerous smoke and fire throughout the entire establishment.


Protect your staff, property, and overall investment by informing yourself and following fire prevention guidelines. Reducing the risk of fire is paramount to running a successful operation.

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