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Video: Ceramic Fiber Blankets Explained!
Video: Ceramic Fiber Blankets Explained!
September 29, 2017


FibreCast’s ceramic blanket products are mainly used to shield materials and equipment against exposure to high temperatures. The pursuit of advancement and innovation in the fiber industry has resulted in the introduction of fiber blankets as a safer alternative to hazardous asbestos.


The ceramic fiber blanket is designed for low thermal conductivity with exceptional properties of temperature stability, meaning that it can handle extremely high temperatures. Moreover, fiber blanket products are available in a variety of formulations of thermal characteristics, as well as a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses. The functionality of the blankets is mainly preferred in industrial applications, for operations that are subjected to high temperatures such as reformers, boilers, power plants, and furnaces.


FibreCast Inc. is a leading producer of high-quality ceramic fiber blankets. We offer a range of ceramic blankets that suit your specialized needs with a focus on health and safety.


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