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Uses of Refractory Anchors
Uses of Refractory Anchors
February 13, 2017

FibreCast has stood as a global leader in innovation and development of refractory materials. As an organization, we look for the best refractory products that are used to create solutions and leverage innovation power. FibreCast delivers high quality on-time material containment that are environmentally friendly and at the same time cost effective. The company searches for refractory anchors with very high quality standards in order to create products that are innovative and specifically designed to provide improvements in thermal performance. As a company, our definition is by our experience, imagination and our ability for ideological transformation into high performance refractory solutions and products.


The refractory anchors specialize in manufacture of alloys that can resist high temperatures and stainless fasteners that are used for anchorage of the refractories in process equipment and furnaces. The refractory anchors hardware is die stamped, wire formed, wielded and roll threaded into different anchoring products. This is for abrasion resistant, castable monolithic and ceramic fiber linings. FibreCast produces different refractory anchoring fixing and products. They contain anchoring systems for firebrick, monolithic refractory, shotcrete, gunite, fireproofing and ceramic fiber. The diverse refractory anchors are also available in diverse custom designs for their specific applications.


The refractory anchors and other products from FibreCast give high quality performance and application in industrial performance. Our products provide good performance as compared to other companies’ and this is why as an organization, we have remained global leader in the manufacturing of refractory anchors, supply and sale of the products. These characteristics of the refractory anchors have helped save thousands of dollars in terms of energy costs and this translates in reduction of environmental operations. If you have been on the search for refractory anchors in the market with no success, then your search has come to an end. 

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