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Usage of Castable Refractory Materials
Usage of Castable Refractory Materials
October 31, 2018

When it comes to refractory products, we are proud to be bringing our esteemed clientele the latest in refractory technology. This week, our blog’s focus is castable refractory solutions. There are a slew of reasons why castable refractories are on the cutting edge of heat shielding innovation. We mention a few below! 

What Are Refractory Materials?

Refractories are essentially mineral or ceramic materials used for lots of different high temperature applications. Most notably, places such as furnaces or in glass making applications. These materials can handle temperatures that go above 1000 Fahrenheit and can stay strong against materials that would otherwise be corrosive.


What Are Castable Refractory Materials?

Castable refractory materials are very coarse compared to other refractory materials and products. When the elements are in their unfired “green” state, that is when they are formed or gelled by using a method known as the binder system. Once they reach the optimum temperature, the binder will make a ceramic bond by transforming the materials.


What Are Castable Refractory Materials Used for?

Each kind of castable refractory material serves a different purpose. Here are some examples as to how people would use them for different applications.



  • Conventional Dense Refractories. These have a high concentration of alumina cement in their composition. Conventional dense refractory materials can handle temperatures that go as high as 1800 Fahrenheit. Applications such as boiler work require these kinds of materials.


  • Insulating Materials. Another kind of castable refractory is the insulating kind. They are lower density compared to the other types of castable refractory materials. They have low thermal conductivity as well. They are a good choice if you want something that will resist abrasion.


There is such a wide range of refractory materials that you can choose from for their applications. Castable refractory materials also vary, so we advise calling in for a consultation. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help out.  

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