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Understanding the Ceramic Gasket
Understanding the Ceramic Gasket
January 23, 2018

At FibreCast, our research and development teams are constantly hard at work, looking into innovations that will benefit our products’ heat shielding, fire protection, and insulation capacities. Our constant push for innovation and more efficient manufacturing processes is a part of what has led to our top-quality ceramic gasket products. When sealing two surfaces, a gasket is important, as it acts as a new layer that effectively protects the gap between those surfaces – but when sealing surfaces in extreme-heat environments, you need something especially powerful.


Of course, one gasket is not necessarily the same as another, and different industrial processes require different types of protection. Sometimes, a ceramic gasket needs to be able to protect against temperatures of up to 1,600°C; other times, it is protection against abrasion or chemical attack that is the important quality. This is where CNC machining comes it; at FibreCast, we have the ability to design and create many different types of of gasket to suit a wide variety of important applications.


Our ceramic gasket in your production line:


As a sealing agent, the gasket finds use in any number of places, from door seals to industrial ovens to petrochemical heaters, sealing uneven surfaces and joints. Wherever a heat-resistant seal is important, you could potentially find one of our gasket products; multiple varieties of materials combined with ceramic properties mean that FibreCast can form gaskets to fit a huge variety of processes. Essentially, wherever you need a strong seal in your oven, kiln, or similar hear-driven production, you can probably depend on a good gasket.


FibreCast has been working with ceramic gasket products for nearly twenty-five years, and we are proud of the products we can form for your business. To learn more about how these gaskets can protect your production, contact us today!

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