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Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic and Glass

Ceramics and Glass Overview

Extremely high temperatures are required to create the glass and ceramics products we use every day. The refractories in glass tanks are in constant contact with the molten glass, which poses different kinds of requirements for the high temperature refractory for use of ceramic and glass. Since glass in the molten state is quite fluid and tends to go through the refractory pores, the most important requirement is nonporous refractories. Fused refractories are used in the molten glass and contact areas to address this issue. The insulation for the machinery and equipment for this process require specialized refractory products in the manufacturing process - FibreCast’s expertise spans multiple manufacturing processes for the high temperature refractory ceramic and glass industry.

The thermal ceramics glass industry is driven by increased demand for global production in tandem with transformation and distribution. Growth in the Thermal Ceramics Glass sector is expected to be driven by higher margin tableware and reinforced glass products.  Escalating costs in transportation have placed constraints on the ability to transport flat and container glass over fast distances resulting in localized production and manufacturing.


Commitment to Our Craft

The melting temperature of molten glass is much higher than the melting temperature of other molten metals which creates numerous challenges in the manufacturing process caused by seeping.  FibreCast has a proven track record in developing refractory products and solutions that address key challenges faced by companies in the thermal ceramics and glass industry. We believe that you are the experts in providing solutions that maximize the potential of refractory products for the high temperature refractory ceramic and glass industry. It is our professional opinion that with FibreCast at your side assisting you in the provision of thermal ceramics to your company, you will have the best possible experience. Our products will help you overcome the challenges you face to take your company to the next level. 

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