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Thermal Ceramics and Other Vacuum Formed Products
Thermal Ceramics and Other Vacuum Formed Products
June 12, 2018

Vacuum formed refractories and thermal ceramics are specially designed to meet the demanding application requirements of many industries including petrochemical, steel fabrication and chemical production.


High temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance are among the essential benefits offered by thermal ceramics.


They can be fabricated to suit any application, using ceramic boards, blankets or cast products made to specification. They can be shaped uniquely to suit a wide range of needs including metal castings, lining furnaces, burner blocks, combustion chambers for boilers, and much more.


Thermal ceramics offer high resistance to higher velocity fluids and have an enhanced ability to handle moderate to high compression without deforming. At FibreCast, we have the expertise to design and manufacture thermal ceramics and other refractory products using advanced technology and equipment. Here are some of the different thermal ceramic and refractory products we offer to meet the highest standards of quality:


  • Ceramic board products - manufactured with the highest quality materials through wet vacuum forming. They are engineered according to the intended application using bulk fibers, binders and fillers. All our ceramic board products are lightweight, easy to machine and cut, very durable, with high insulating properties and come in various densities. They can be customized to certain formulations: mineral wool, alumina/silica, zirconia and lullite fiber based in densities from 12 to 85 lbs/ft, bio or non-biosoluble, in differing sizes and thickness from ⅛” to 4”. 


  • Formed shapes - designed for specific requirements including backup linings for furnaces, sprue bushings, casting shapes, molten metal transfer, flue and stack liners, riser sleeves, skid pipe insulation, combustion chambers, peep sites, tap-out cones, and more.


  • FibreCast SteelBoard - this variation provides ultra-high strength for superior crushing and insulating properties. It is ideal for ladle insulation with 16” x 28” panels, which reduces installation time. A 300 MT ladle can be boarded in just about 2 hours. Steelboard has prolonged shell life, tighter brick joints, less steel penetration and lower energy consumption. It is also widely used as backup for electric arc furnaces, in torpedo cars and tundishes. It is available in 2600°F qualities, standard 10mm, ½” and either 2” x 16” or 4” x 16”.



Learn more about thermal ceramics with Fibrecast, contact us today to speak with an expert.

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