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The Wide Range of Refractory Materials Available in the Market Today
The Wide Range of Refractory Materials Available in the Market Today
February 06, 2018

Refractory materials are commonly used in reactors, incinerators, kilns, and furnaces. These materials are also used in molds and crucibles for casting glass and metals. In structures, they are used for surfacing flame deflector systems for heat treating structures such as rocket launch frames. Due to its increasing demand, manufacturing firms that produce these materials are also growing. FibreCast has a complete suite of refractory materials, anchors, and hardware:


  • V and Y refractory materials anchors with or without crimp
  • Fiber hardware including twistlock studs, washers, CD pins and spears of all shapes
  • Brick anchors and hangers of all types and alloys including castings
  • All common and uncommon alloys from 304 to Inconel
  • Hex panels and mesh accessories
  • Studs, nuts, washers for both arc weld and hand weld applications
  • …and more!



No matter where you get them, the important thing is to learn about the types of refractory materials suited to each application.


Castable Refractories - Precision cut coarse and fine grains that has refractory abilities. Produced by putting the grains together with a binder then heated. Transforming the binder into a ceramic bond. Castable refractories offer increased strength, durability, and thermal insulation. Making them the perfect choice for making structures.


Plastic Refractories - These are materials that have water included in the binding agent to temper them. Plastic refractory materials can be rammed into place due to their plasticity. 


Insulating Gun Mixes – Commonly known as high-temperature cement, these insulating gun mixed are refractory materials based in the aluminosilicate. They are widely used for multiple applications such as construction and maintenance projects.


Shotcrete Refractories – These are high-temperature cement materials that are ideal for various applications. Types of this material include low cement, silica gel bonds and other materials with a variety unique properties.


These are some of the common refractory materials that we offer to a diverse range of industries in North America. At FibreCast, we have a well-established reputation based on more than 20 years of industry leadership; we can provide materials, products and services for any industry. Contact us today to find out more.

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