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The Proper Handling of Fiberfrax
The Proper Handling of Fiberfrax
August 02, 2017

Fiberfrax is a very durable refractory material. In order to maximize the benefits this material provides and decrease the possible hazards, learning how to properly handle Fiberfrax is of paramount importance. Here are some of the simple ways to handle Fiberfrax safely.

How to Handle Fiberfrax Products

  • Proper Storage. Fiberfrax when delivered comes as packaged material. Thus, it is best to remove the packaging when the material is just about to be used. It is best to keep the Fiberfrax stowed away when not in use to avoid any issues of exposure and inhalation for individuals without knowledge of the safety concerns the material poses.


  • Proper Safety Equipment. When handling Fiberfrax, it is best to have the proper equipment worn at all times. These would include safety gloves to avoid skin irritation and being cut by sharp edges. Wearing safety goggles prevents fine dust particles from entering the eyes and a facemask helps prevent inhalation of the Fiberfrax particles. This safety equipment would surely make handling of Fiberfrax safe for all.


  • Proper Ventilation. When using Fiberfrax, especially during installation and customization, the boards are cut. The cutting results in fine particles being introduced into the ambient air. Thus, there is a need for proper ventilation and air handling when using Fiberfrax. If the particles are allowed to remain in the area, then later on the users of the room would be exposed to the particles, which can lead to issues later on.

Clearly, the benefits of Fiberfrax cannot be discounted. The safety features and reliability to provide security cannot be downplayed. The drawbacks though in the use of this material must be properly considered. If these steps are properly done, all the benefits of Fiberfrax can be enjoyed. Handle your refractory materials with care for the best experience.

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Posted by: Henry T. | January 15, 2018, 12:13 pm
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