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The Many Applications of Fiberfrax Products
The Many Applications of Fiberfrax Products
February 26, 2018

Fire protection and insulation are the two most important security measures that every business or facility should have, and Fiberfrax blanket and mat products provide the industry’s standard. This product family is made from lightweight and thermally efficient ceramic fiber materials. Also known as fire blankets or duct wraps, these fibers offer the combined benefits of dimensional stability at very high temperatures (up to 1500oC) and complete resistance to thermal shock. At such, they are proven to provide highly effective solutions to various heat processing applications.


With their wide range of thermal capabilities, Fiberfrax products are very much in-demanded in fire protection and insulation systems, in a whole range of industries as well as commercial buildings.


Fiberfrax ceramic fibers are chemically inert, manufactured from alumina-silica materials. They are available in a variety of diameters and can also be modified either by chopping or removing the ‘un-fiberized’ particles, sometimes called shot. To enhance their fiber properties, lubricants can also be applied. Fire blankets can also resist both oxidation and reduction and contain no water or other hydration.


Another great advantage of Fiberfrax is its capacity to resist most corrosive agents, except very strong acid and alkaline.  


Apart from being a fire blanket, Fiberfrax bulk fibers are usually used in manufacturing processes where product consistency is required, often using computer-controlled machinery. These include ceramic fiber-based product including:


  • Combustion chambers for boilers
  • High temperature boards, papers, and felts
  • Fireplace logs and panels
  • Specialized vacuum-formed shapes
  • Riser sleeves and tap out cones for molten metal applications


Other potential uses of fiberfrax are for high temperature fill and packing materials, such as expansion joints, tube seals and burner tile packing. This fiber material has so many great applications and advantages to offer that is widely considered the industry standard.


At FibreCast, our extensive inventory of refractory fiber products uses only the best raw materials along with innovative processes and machinery. Our bulk fiber ceramic blankets are made with maximized strength, chemical resistance and insulating properties to suit your application.


Contact our experienced team of engineers and professionals today to find out more or to request a quote!

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