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The Functionality of the Ceramic Fiber Board
The Functionality of the Ceramic Fiber Board
March 22, 2017

The ceramic fibre board are used as part of the building materials for ceramic kilns. The boards function as a fire muffle board that protects the products against the pollution of fire when the product is being processed inside the kiln. The ceramic boards are designed to have big volumes, resistance to thermal erosion, and high strength. For durability and resistance during the process the fiber boards are designed with a high volume weight of up to 500 kg/m3. For better performance in industrial applications, the boards are designed with high standard tolerance.


Features of the ceramic fibre board: 


Low heat storage:  the boards are designed to have high thermal stability while exposed to high temperatures. By having low heat storage capacities they tend to dispense high levels of heat compared to the amount retained in the boards.


Exceptional insulating performance: The ceramic fibre board is mainly designed with superior properties for the purpose of insulating materials. The resistance against the pollution of fire gives the boards an advantage and a good function towards protecting the products while exposed to extreme temperatures.


Good machine ability:  While insulating the products within the kiln, the boards have a high rigidity as well as mechanical strength when exposed to high temperatures. Hence, they are a preferred application in high temperature ceramic kilns and in backup insulating steel ladles. Further, the flexibility and the light weight nature of the boards are an added advantage.


We produce only the highest quality performance ceramic fibre board. We specialize in industrial products that are effective in saving energy costs while improving the thermal performance. Our range of products provides our customers with a variety of applications to choose from for any type of application. Our products are guaranteed to increase the performance of your production in your industry. 

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