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The Essential Refractory Products - FibreCast
The Essential Refractory Products - FibreCast
May 09, 2018

FibreCast offers a wide range of refractory products. These fiber products and solutions are innovative solutions for use in different industries ranging from the iron and steel industry to the petrochemical industry.


Various Types of Refractory Products


In order to strengthen refractory products, they are combined with monolithics. Monolithics also help prevent rusting of these products and help increase their insulating properties. The result is a high-quality refractory product such as ceramic fiber and isofrax.

There are various types of refractory products sold in the GTA to meet a very wide range of industrial needs. Depending on which industry you are in, you should know the specific refractory products that you need.

  • Bulk Fiber - Whether this is Isofrax or Insulfrax, you can have your desired formulation depending on your application. You can also employ Maftec or Zirconia bulk fiber. All of these are extremely heat resistant.
  • Blanket - High purity fiber and soluble fibers are the subtypes of blanket fiber. One of the most commonly used refractories is the Maftec Mullite blanket. This is a high-tech blanket that can resist temperatures of up to 1650 degrees Celsius and is resistant to all sorts of chemical corrosion.
  • Paper or Felts - This type of paper are either soluble fiber or ceramic fiber. In the case of Insulfrax, which is a soluble fiber, these are vacuum-formed and is perfect for molten metals like aluminum.
  • Textiles - The textiles are either cloth or rope. It can also be used as tape or sleeving. Since they are anti-heat and anti-corrosion, such textiles are useful in industrial applications that involve temperatures up to 1260 degrees Celsius.


For your refractory products, always trust a company that manufactures the best ceramic insulation products as well as refractories. Whatever you need when it comes to ceramic insulation, you should trust only the leaders in the industry. This will ensure reliability and efficiency as well as maximum performance. Contact FibreCast today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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