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The Chemistry of a High Temperature Gasket
The Chemistry of a High Temperature Gasket
May 17, 2017

Most of the time, a gasket is made out of graphite. A high temperature gasket is a regular gasket made from inhibited graphite together with phyllosilicate materials. This mixture allows the material to withstand high pressure and temperatures, making it an ideal high temperature gasket.


The chemical ingredient able to provide the thermal capacity for a high temperature gasket is the phyllosilicate. This chemical compound has several benefits:



High temperature gaskets infused with phyllosilicate have the innate ability to withstand chemical reactions such as combustion. The chemistry of the product makes it fireproof and non-flammable, providing top grade insulation to the connection the gasket pulls together.



High temperature gaskets made from graphite and phyllosilicate are flexible, elastic and easy to apply or attach. Aside from this malleable quality, it has a high tensile strength. This means the material is able to withstand pressure perpendicular to its horizontal plane, providing not only inflammability but adequate support to the gasket’s function.


Eco Friendly

Because it is made of environmentally safe material, high temperature gaskets infused with phyllosilicate are better alternatives to asbestos, which is a health hazard. Furthermore, because they are composed of strong compounds, burning them does not exude hazardous gases as they are thermally incombustible.


A high temperature gasket is able to retain its function despite high stress and temperature. In order to achieve that, enhancements need to be done so that the integrity of the gasket is not compromised during its functional operation. FibreCast is proud to offer a diverse selection of high temperature gaskets and seals made from a variety of refractory materials. They can be customized for specific applications up to 1600 degrees Celsius (2912 degrees Fahrenheit).  


Our available gasket types are:


  • Dye Cut
  • Tadpole
  • Rope
  • CNC machined


To learn more, visit today! Feel free to contact us at +1 (905) 319-1080 and chat with a member of our team to discuss the high temperature gasket right for your manufacturing needs.

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