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The Best in High Temperature Insulation
The Best in High Temperature Insulation
March 16, 2018

With over 25 years of experience, our company has developed an in-depth specialty in manufacturing. When it comes to the safety and efficiency of industrial facilities, we can provide the highest standard in high temperature Insulation.


With a well-established reputation and partnerships across many industries, we are confident in the quality of our insulation and high temperature products.


Here is a simple list of our insulation solutions, tried and tested in the most demanding facilities and applications:


One of the most useful insulation applications we produce are high-quality firebrick products. These are designed with the highest quality materials used by industrial facilities, like ceramic fiber. Our firebricks are refractory bricks built to deliver an effective combination of high temperature insulation properties and a remarkable load bearing ability.

High Purity Ceramic Blankets: temperature up to 2,300deg. F/ 1,260deg. C.

Alumina-silica are its main component, a blanket that’s good with vibration dampening, corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal shock

Zirconia:  Temperature up to 2,600deg. F/ 1,430deg. C.

High tensile strength and very low thermal conductivity, an alumina-silica compound with zirconia added to it.

Maftec/Polycrystalline Mullite: temperature up to 3,000deg. F/ 1,650deg. C.

Excellent resistance to chemical attack, extremely durable and low shrinkage makes this high-tech blanket superior for many industrial applications. From typical High Temperature Insulations to multi-bonded layers for shielding/protection.

Ceramic Boards

Super durable vacuum formed boards that cover a wide variety of application and purpose, with its high insulating capability and other unique features makes it the best option to go to us. Many different offerings from, Low, High to extremely high density boards and different thickness available (from 1/8” to 4” (3mm to 102mm) make the application capability near endless. We are also capable of customizing the board with different components or materials to suit very specific needs.


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These are our go-to guys for refractory and ceramic, highly professional
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