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The Benefits of Ceramic Fiber Modules
The Benefits of Ceramic Fiber Modules
July 18, 2017

FibreCast offers an extensive and diverse line of refractory fiber solutions and products. These products, which include ceramic fiber modules, utilize the best materials and produce highly durable products that perform their required functions flawlessly.


Properties of FibreCast’s Ceramic Fiber Modules

There are various types of ceramic fiber modules and other high quality refractory products. FibreCast is always looking for innovative solutions that directly benefit customers. The fiber products we use are created with monolithic technologies in order to maximize the abrasion, strength, insulating properties and other material properties wherever they are utilized. They also possess superior insulating properties and have low thermal conductivity. The ceramic fiber modules FibreCast produces have gained a reputation in the field for being of the highest quality.


It is believed that the current dynamics in industry have led to the reduction of the demand for one-way approach to different complex geometrics in various ovens, incinerators and heaters. As a result, FibreCast designs customized ceramic fiber modules to reduce the incidence with which system failure or damage as a result of overheating and other component failures occur.


Efficiency is Key

The purpose of these ceramic fiber modules is to deliver high efficiency. In situations where they are exposed to extreme temperatures for periods of time, they are designed to withstand these temperatures for as long as is required. They are engineered for seamless integration with certain specialized applications. The modules can be attached directly to the shell of the furnace with various installation processes that are efficient, easy and fast.


For this reason, FibreCast provides modules that can handle a range between 2300°F -3000°F. These modules can be constructed from high quality and pure ceramic fiber polycrystalline blanket and zirconia. This wide range of temperature resistance allows for the creation of the right products to meet the customer needs and requirements.

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