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Refractory Brick: An Essential Tool for High-Temperature Insulation
Refractory Brick: An Essential Tool for High-Temperature Insulation
January 24, 2017

Refractory brick, otherwise known as firebrick, is a refractory ceramic block used in lining fireboxes, kilns, fireplaces, and furnaces. The primary purpose of this material is to resist high temperature. However, there are bricks that have a low thermal conduction, allowing you to save energy.


Generally dense, a refractory brick is used in tools with extreme chemical, mechanical or thermal pressure levels like kiln or furnace. These materials are prone to abrasion, fluxes, and high temperature. But if the material requires less pressure, then you may use kiln bricks. Compared to a high-temperature brick, this one is weaker; hence, it is lighter and easier to work with. Moreover, this element provides better protection than dense bricks.


More Information on Creating Refractory Products

To create this material, you need to use a fireclay. As the name suggests, it is a molding clay that allows you to create any shape that you want. It is generally used in kitchen sinks, but you can also use it in making refractory blocks. You need to fire it up until it is compact or glazed, depending on the purpose of the brick.


There are two sizes of this block. The first standard size is 9x4.5x3 inches, and the other one has the size of 9x4.5x2.5 inches. However, there is a brick called "splits" that is used in fireplace inserts and wooden stoves. The standard size of this product is 9x4.5x1.25 inches.


What Is the Composition of Brick Insulation Materials?

These bricks usually have 30%-80% aluminum oxide. Apart from that, it also has chamotte and silica. With these elements, you will have a robust block of fireplace brick.


These are just some of the few things that you need to learn about this heat-resistant material. With the right refractory brick, you will get the exact temperature for your heating needs.

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