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Power Generation

Power Generation

Power Generation Overview

The power industry is constantly evolving, driven by factors such as increased demands from urban growth and by the need to become more environmentally friendly. Refractory products and solutions are consistently challenged to adapt to changing power generation technologies.

FibreCast has been offering innovative refractories and solutions for the power generation industry for over twenty years. Refractories in the power generation industry are often installed to help manage the heat output involved from generation. From cyclone boilers to ash hoppers, powering the world involves a lot of processing, and requires specialized knowledge and expertise. For example, boilers used to extract energy from coal need to be lined with high-strength refractories designed to protect against thermal shock over consistent use.


Commitment to Our Craft

At FibreCast, we understand that the refractories sought out by different sectors in this industry will vary significantly. A rotary kiln incinerator, for instance, will require a very different heat management solution than a fluidized bed. This variety in requirements is the catalyst behind our customer-driven approach to production. This approach allows FibreCast to effectively collaborate with you, and to create customized solutions that are geared towards creating cost-efficient and long-lasting solutions.


Additional Applications in Power Generation and Incinerators

  • Grates Fired or Stoker Type for Municipal Waste
  •  Bubbling Fluidized Beds (BFB)
  •  Circulating Fluidized Beds (CFB)
  •  Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers
  •  Biomass Gasifiers
  •  Water Cooled Grates for Biomass
  •  Rotary Kiln Incinerators
  •  Waste Gas Stacks and Flares
  •  LEAF Generators (Low Emission Alternative Fuel)

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