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Plibrico Refractory Products Meet Demands Head-On
Plibrico Refractory Products Meet Demands Head-On
July 04, 2017

Plibrico refractory is a manufacturing firm partnered with FibreCast, supplying monolithic refractory materials and more that provide high-temperature resistance for use in our range of thermal products. A range of products that include firebricks and castable refractories are created and supplied by Plibrico.


Wide Range of Plibrico Refractory Products at FibreCast

There are a number of refractory products available at FibreCast from Plibrico, including:





  1. Castable refractories - These are precision cut coarse and fine grains with refractory abilities. These grains are put together using a binder and then heated to transform the binder into a ceramic bond. These products provide increased strength and durability, as well as better thermal insulation.
  2. Plastic Refractories - Materials that have water included in the binding agent to temper them. These can be rammed into place because of their plasticity. The range of plastic refractories supplied by Plibrico has a service temperature range between 1595°C and 1870°C (2700°F – 3400°F).
  3. Insulating Gun Mixes – Also known as high-temperature cement, the insulating gun mixes supplied to FibreCast by Plibrico Refractory are based in aluminosilicate and are used for multiple applications such as construction and maintenance.
  4. Shotcrete Refractories – These high-temperature cement products are supplied by Plibrico to service multiple situational requirements. Types of shotcrete include low cement, silica gel bonds and others with a variety of unique material properties. Supplied under the Pli-shot® name, these refractories are perfect for construction and repair operations.


In addition to the many monolithic refractories available at FibreCast as part of the Plibrico Refractory line, there are also additional refractories and insulating firebrick products available upon request. Many of these suit multiple applications including repair, maintenance, construction, product building, and specialty applications. Getting the right refractory materials for your unique needs is crucial to have a better outcome in terms of your project.

Didn't know about plastic refractories, but they sound very useful!
Posted by: Brandon | January 23, 2018, 10:32 am
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