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FibreCast’s paper and felt products are flexible and lightweight, and are available in a variety of formulations for many required thermal characteristics. 

The type of paper and felt required for your business will be dependent on the unique thermal characteristics you work with:



Soluble fibers are low bio-persistence fibers that are not harmful to humans, making them a safe option to work with directly. Soluble fibers can be used with temperatures up to 1,260°C (2,300°F). 

  • Isofrax - Manufactured using Isofrax fibers, this material is vacuum-formed, and is held together through a latex binder system. The result is a lightweight, flexible material.
  • Insulfrax – Manufactured using Insulfrax fibers, this material is vacuum-formed, and is held together with a latex binder system. The result is a lightweight and flexible material. The chemical properties of Insulfrax differentiate it from other soluble fibers in their particular resistance to molten metals such as aluminum. 


High Purity Ceramic Fibre

FibreCast paper and felts are differentiated by thickness, density, fiber index, and chemistry. They are uniquely formed to be flexible while also exhibiting typical characteristics of ceramic fiber – high temperature stability, superior insulation, and ease of application.

They are often segmented into three grades:

  • Utility Grades – The most cost-effective products in applications where performance characteristics are not critical.
  • Standard Grades – Used where reliability and consistency are important.
  • Premium Grades – Used either when organic out-gassing cannot be tolerated, or when thermal performance and a high fiber index is critical.