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More on High Temperature Insulation from FibreCast
More on High Temperature Insulation from FibreCast
March 28, 2018

High temperature insulation comes in the form of fire blankets or duct wraps. These materials passively protect you and your staff from fire with its unique and state-of-the-art insulation system.


These high temperature insulation products are critical for protection of air ventilation ducts and other types of exhaust ducts in high temperature application.


Fiberfrax ceramic blankets are the industry’s standard in protection and insulation. It is particularly useful in industries that employ a major HVAC system, high temperature applications or has a facility with an existing ductwork.

Superior insulating power is provided by high temperature products like Fiberfrax blankets as well as other products made from alumina-silica, zirconia and other modern materials. These have high insulation and low thermal conductivity. This is the prime standard of duct wrap in almost any situation or application in industrial settings. Our high temperature insulation includes:

High Purity Ceramic Blankets:  

Alumina-silica that is excellent for vibration dampening, corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal shock. It can provide protection for temperatures up to 2,300deg. F/ 1,260deg. C. Often use for insulation on furnaces, ducts, industrial ovens and other high-temperature machinery.

Zirconia:  High tensile strength and very low thermal conductivity, an alumina-silica compound with zirconia added to it. It can provide protection for temperatures up to 2,600deg. F/ 1,430deg. C.

Maftec/Polycrystalline Mullite: With superior resistance to chemical attack, extreme durability and low shrinkage rates, this modern blanket is preferred many industrial applications. It can provide protection for temperatures up to 3,000deg. F/ 1,650deg. C.

Ceramic Boards: Vacuum formed with high insulating capability. Made in low, high and extremely high density and different thickness (from 1/8” to 4”, 3mm to 102mm) which make their application capability near endless. We are also capable of customizing boards with different components or materials to suit very specific needs.


To learn more about high-performance insulation, contact FibreCast to speak with an expert.

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