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Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel

Iron and Steel Overview

The iron and steel industry is in constant transition and companies that survive and thrive understand the need to evolve and adapt. Today, the Iron and Steel sector makes up over 60% of all refractory business. From coke ovens to blast furnaces to ladles to reheat furnaces, refractories play a critical role in the steel making process. FibreCast’s expertise spans the entire iron and steelmaking process to leverage the full potential of refractories.

Today, the Iron and Steel industry faces many manufacturing challenges due to properties of molten metals. Molten metals have the potential to damage machinery, create a dangerous working environment and the potential to disrupt the manufacturing process. FibreCast is proud of our proven track record in developing and deploying products and solutions that effectively address the challenges by providing customers with specialized high temperature insulation for unique applications.

We also understand that refractory products must evolve and adapt to address multiple manufacturing processes and environments. For example, refractories in the bottom of a blast furnace need to be specialized for the high temperatures of molten metals, whereas refractories near the top need to withstand high levels of abrasion and mechanical shock.


Commitment to Our Craft

FibreCast takes the time to understand your challenges and creates a solution to address multiple pain points and requirements. We leverage our combined knowledge and expertise to create refractory products and solutions designed to solve today's problems and tomorrow’s opportunities.

You are the experts in creating products and solutions for your customers and we are experts in developing and deploying exceptional refractory solutions that are cost efficient, reliable and scalable.

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