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Industrial Sealing and the Importance of A Ceramic Gasket
Industrial Sealing and the Importance of A Ceramic Gasket
November 16, 2017

A ceramic gasket is considered to be the most practical choice for various industrial sealing applications. It is often used as an apparatus for high temperature insulation and containment of gas, fuel, and small particles. It is also a type of ceramic fiber product specially shaped and applied to fix parts of seal, heat insulating, and anti-corrosion industrial facilities.


Ceramic gaskets can be customized for specific applications of up to 1600°C. Its excellent strength and malleability can withstand high pressure. These gaskets offer excellent fire-resistance and are an environmentally safer alternative to asbestos.


Ceramic gaskets are most commonly used for two applications:


  • High-pressure joints for ceramic insulations - Given their impressive resistance to fire, ceramic gaskets can effectively handle high temperatures and pressure. There is a low risk of burning or melting. This makes the sealed joints conform to high industrial joint standards in industries including the petrochemical sector.


  • Transfer of molten materials - A ceramic gasket is proven to be very effective in protecting sealed joints from leaking molten materials during transport.


At FibreCast, we offer a variety of ceramic gaskets useful for different applications.


Our ceramic gaskets are manufactured according to the highest quality assurance standards to ensure top performance.


We offer four different types of gaskets able to withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C: rope, tadpole, dye cut, and CNC machined.


Common applications or our ceramic gaskets include usage on door seals, petrochemical heaters, insulation covers, expansion joints and annealing lines. If you’re interested in learning more about the chemistry and engineering behind the creation of our ceramic gaskets, check out one of our old blogs.


Our team offers onsite inspections of your facility as well as an in depth heat flow analysis to help boost productivity by implementing effective refractory solutions. To learn more, call us today at +1 (905) 319-1080!

Impressive selection of gaskets!
Posted by: Viola | December 7, 2017, 11:41 am
Ceramic gaskets are very practical for most industrial sealing applications!
Posted by: Dave | November 30, 2017, 11:16 am
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