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How High Temperature Textiles Are Put to Use in Industry
How High Temperature Textiles Are Put to Use in Industry
July 06, 2018

High temperature textiles have seen a lot of innovation in the last few decades. Ever since the health concerns arising from asbestos were discovered, the thermal insulation industry has had to find alternatives to cater to the increasing demand for high temperature textiles.


High temperature textiles are today made primarily of synthetic fibres and exceed the performance that could previously be achieved. High temperature textiles come in a number of forms, but common forms include sheets, rope and tubing. These are produced in, of course, a number of different sizes, but are also prepared in a variety of specifications such as in terms of thickness and density.


High temperature textiles have become indispensable in so many industries that it is difficult to capture from any one industry their specific use. In fact, high temperature textiles of one particular configuration can be used in a variety of different applications.


To demonstrate the wide scope of use of high temperature textiles we look at some broad uses of these products regardless of industry.


Hot piping – Hot pipes are part and parcel of industry, whether production, processing chemical or even transportation. High temperature textiles are used to cover pipes that can transfer their heat to adjacent equipment and cause damage to them or disrupt other ongoing processes. Also, with the emphasis on workplace safety, thermally protective blankets and the like have been deployed to prevent accidental injury to workers and improve working conditions.


Barricades – High temperature textiles in the form of industrial curtains and other forms of barricades are used to shield workers from sparks and spatter. These also provide protection to workers working in close proximity to high thermal output devices such as furnaces and motor equipment.


Clothing – High temperature textiles are used in manufacturing industries where workers must handle hot matter at close proximity. Available in the form of gloves, aprons and full suits, these textiles dramatically reduce flammability and offer exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Another widespread application of high temperature textiles has been in motorsport, where race car drivers and even pit crews are required to wear thermally shielding suits.

FibreCast is a global provider of high temperature textiles and refractory products and a trusted provider to many industries. Our textile products range comprises a broad range of ceramic textiles, ropes and braids. We offer a full line-up of thermal insulation products and work with our clients to develop custom solutions for their unique applications.

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