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How FibreCast Takes the Lead in Manufacturing Refractory Products
How FibreCast Takes the Lead in Manufacturing Refractory Products
May 16, 2018

Without refractories, it would have been impossible to create modern kilns, furnaces, or reactors. Refractory products are also commonly used in crucibles for metals and glass. They are even very useful for heat treating structures such as rocket launch frames for surfacing flame deflector systems. The demand for these products is increasing and evolving.


This is why at FibreCast we’ve taken the lead in producing the highest-standard quality refractory products and materials. We do this with unrivaled capabilities and extensive expertise.


Research and Development

We are fully committed to improving and creating new refractories and ceramic insulation solutions. We do not cease to search for the best in class refractory products to make heat-treating and high temperature applications more efficient. Our lab can create custom products or solutions going beyond the ordinary to the superb. Some of the new products created in our R&D efforts include the SkidLite, steel board panels, and extra strength steel boards. 


Design and Engineering

Our highly skilled engineers enable us to provide complete design and consulting services including on-site inspection and failure analysis, heat flow analysis, energy surveys, engineered lining designs, cost estimating and project management. These allow us to also perform expert analysis on customer processes and design requirements for superior refractory solutions.   


Manufacturing and construction

FibreCast works with a modern manufacturing facility to meet our customer’s standards and custom refractory requirements. Our manufacturing capacities include vacuum forming, die cutting, module fabrication, precast, hot pressing, CNC machining, and vessel lining. We also have complete in-house capacities and refractory products for many construction projects. Our experienced staff have successfully installed refractories in numerous industrial applications such as steelmaking, heat treating, incineration, boilers or steam generation and non-ferrous melting applications.



To help you better understand the design, maintenance and operation of your refractories, FibreCast offers personalized consulting services. Our consultants and engineers work with your enterprise to provide diversified services and projects which include custom design, repair and development or deployment of a new product or solution. We do not just provide high quality refractory products but more importantly, we offer our customers the technical expertise to address challenges and opportunities. 


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