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How Ceramic Fiber Blankets are Used in a Cement Furnace
How Ceramic Fiber Blankets are Used in a Cement Furnace
September 20, 2017

Ceramic fiber blankets are versatile materials produced from durable spun ceramic fibers to provide exceptional handling strength. This material is extensively used in a variety of heat processing applications to contain or control high temperatures. A ceramic wool blanket is extensively used in various industrial applications and processes that involve heat contention and moderation.

With its impressive thermal and fire-resistant properties, ceramic fiber blankets are also used in cement furnaces to maximize heat.


Their fire-resistant and thermal properties allow them to be used for containing or regulating high temperatures.


There are three main steps in inserting a ceramic fiber blanket into a cement furnace:


  1. Furnace manufacturers first cut a ceramic fiber blanket.
  2. Using a packing machine, several pieces are put together into a ceramic wool-cutting module.
  3. Finally, the ceramic fiber module is fixed by anchoring parts.


Here are the key benefits of using ceramic wool blankets in cement furnaces:


Thermal Conductive Coefficient - Ceramic fiber blankets have a low thermal conductive coefficient that is only 1/10 of a lightweight refractory lining. This makes it a more practical and convenient choice.


Lightweight Feature – Because they are so light, ceramic wool blankets reduce the load that the structure’s support carries. It also makes the installation quick and easy.


Excellent Heat Insulation - Using a ceramic fiber blanket as a lining in a furnace will contain the heat inside, keeping the outside layer of the structure heat-free. This helps maintain a safe work area.


Stability of Chemical Components - Ceramic fiber is neutral and has mild acidity, which makes it an ideal lining material to avoid corrosion of lead, copper, and aluminum.


Our high purity ceramic fibre blanket is made from alumina-silica materials which create a stable and insulating product with low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and excellent thermal shock resistance. These blankets also provide superior corrosion resistance. Learn more about this product by calling us at (905) 319-1080!

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