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Highly Insulating and Durable FibreCast Refractory Products
Highly Insulating and Durable FibreCast Refractory Products
April 04, 2018

By definition, refractories are inorganic non-metallic materials which have an unusually high melting point and can withstand very high temperatures while maintaining their structural properties. The extensive line of refractory products and solutions offered by FibreCast makes use of only the best in class materials. From ceramic bulk fibers and blankets to high temperature bricks and everything in between, we are equipped to provide industry-standard equipment and refractory products to meet any demand. Our products are used in combination with monolithics to optimize strength, chemical resistance and abrasion.


Refractory products also offer low thermal productivity and superior insulating properties to improve effectiveness.


FibreCast blankets, in particular, offer complete resistance to thermal shock and have low heat storage. They provide high insulation and come in various chemistries, densities and thicknesses. Here’s what your enterprise needs to know about FibreCast refractory products:


  • Soluble fibers: These refractory products are useful in working environments of up to 2300°F. They are a safe option since they are low biopersistence fibers reducing any harm to operators. They are available in isofrax and insulfrax. Both materials have the same temperature grade and offer great characteristics. Insulfrax is needled, which means it does not need binders but has high tensile strength and is completely inorganic. It also does not generate smoke.


  • High purity ceramic fibre: This blanket is made from alumina-silica, creating a stable product with low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and low heat storage. It also offers superior corrosion resistance.


  • Zirconia: The temperature grade of this material is higher at 2300°F and features high tensile strength being manufactured from alumina-silica-zirconia fibres. These kind of refractory products are perfect for ceramic, hot face lining and backup insulation in extreme heat processes, and chemical processing.


  • Maftec/polycrystalline mullite: This is a high-tech blanket that performs very well even at high temperatures up to 3000°F. It is highly durable and resilient due to crystalline microstructure and high-temperature classification. Its chemical stability ensures that refractory lining stays intact for a long time. It is ideal to be used in industrial processes and as linings of kilns, furnaces, and heaters in all industries.  



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