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High Temperature Textiles and Their Properties - Fiberfrax
High Temperature Textiles and Their Properties - Fiberfrax
April 30, 2018

Splatter and high heat during productions process are critical issues that pose hazards to both people and property, and can even cause fire that results in significant losses. In order to prevent this, high temperature textiles like Fiberfrax fire blankets come into play. Apart from high temperature and fire protection, these materials can be custom-fabricated to provide resistance to chemicals, abrasion, water, sound, and vibration.


Fiberfrax Blanket provide superior insulation with very low thermal conductivity, ideal for industrial grade protective duct wrap and HVAC. They also provide a range of additional benefits:


  • High Abrasion Resistance: Designed for durability and used as a coating to reduce the impact of abrasion.
  • Reduced Heat Loss: Fiberfrax insulates surfaces by ensuring that there is minimal loss of heat and decreases the risk of cracks. This feature is a factor in saving the cost of energy by retaining the needed energy for any industrial process. Furthermore, it is designed to reflect energy, thereby increasing energy efficiency.
  • Thermal Shock Protection: Fiberfrax is designed to form a ceramic bond under high temperatures. This factor allows the fiber to ensure that the modules where it is applied is enhanced with strength and integrity.


Also available in heat-treating equipment from FibreCast:

Fire blankets

100% fiberglass fabric which can treated to have a better fireproof performance. It can quickly stop a fire burning and prevent it from spreading. They have excellent heat and flame resistance, are UV and abrasion resistant, and easy to handle.


Fiberglass or thermoglass

It’s the fabric construction that affect fiberglass appearance, strength, and pliability. Also, the finish stabilizes the weave and improves its resistance to moisture, abrasion, flame, and high temperature. Its smooth loom state finish facilitates heat conduction. These textiles are strong and flexible making it perfect for wrapping uneven equipment surfaces to protect from unwanted sparks or sprays.


At FibreCast, we make quality high temperature materials for industrial sealing and insulation solutions. We guarantee high quality with assurance standards to meet modern needs of performance and efficiency. With more than two decades of experience, we can help an enterprise with any application requirement. Contact us today to learn more about Fiberfrax blankets and high-temperature textiles.

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