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Tel: +1 (905) 319-1080 l 3264 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario, CA, L7M 1A7

FibreCast Special Modules

FibreCast can manufacture custom modules for a wide variety of refractory applications. Most of our special modules are available in our standard formats – edge-grain, folded and serpentine. To discuss what custom options are available for your project, please contact FibreCast by requesting a quote, or calling us at (905) 319-1080.

The FibreCast Shiplap Module (SLM) is a module designed with a unique shiplap to compensate for shrinkage without the use of batten strips or parquet construction techniques.

The FibreCast Bull Nose Module (BNM) is custom made to fit corner bull nose and/or bull head configurations.

The FibreCast Electric Element modules (EEM) is a module designed to support ‘Rod-over-Bend’ electric elements. This is an engineered system which consists of modules, element hangers and electric elements. 

The FibreCast BMW Module is a module that interconnects to the next module with a tongue and groove configuration. This unique connecting system provides additional protection from stud failure and does not require any batten strips between layers.

The FibreCast Special Circle Module (SCM) is a module designed for use around openings to simplify module installation. Each module is designed for the desired opening. The SCM is able to “square-off” around opening reducing the amount of cutting and packing to adjacent modules.