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Examples of Refractory Materials For Thermal Insulation
Examples of Refractory Materials For Thermal Insulation
June 28, 2018

Fiber-formed refractory products serve as the best solutions to many industrial needs for thermal insulation. Our refractory materials are of the highest quality and we invest in innovation in the performance of the product and the forms in which our refractory materials can be packaged. We always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients; part of this includes receiving feedback on how we can improve our products and services.


Refractory materials differ not only in performance but constitution and composition too. We look at some refractory materials and their unique features.


Our refractory materials and products work in combination with the finest monolithic forms. This is to get the best out of the abrasion, strength and insulting properties. What is important is that there is a refractory product in our list that would suit your specific application.


Although there are main types of refractory materials, we also have specific examples of these refractory materials.

  • Maftec/Polycrystalline – This bulk fiber product can withstand heat of up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is one of the foundation bulk fiber products. With a high heat tolerance capacity, you can be sure that Maftec is very useful in some industrial applications that require extreme heat.


  • Soluble Fibers – These are type of low-hazard and safe product when it comes to extreme heat.


  • Isofrax – This is manufactured from Isofrax fibers that have been bound together by a latex binder system. This particular refractory product is flexible and lightweight.


  • Insulfrax – This one is manufactured using Insulfrax fibers. Bound by latex binder system and vacuum-formed, this refractory product is flexible and lightweight. It has a special particular resistance to aluminum as well as other molten metals.


Some Final Reminders

With our track record of more than 25 years, we have developed the best refractory materials. We prioritized customer service and we have provided for the needs of our customers through the years. Overall, we are proud of our track record when it comes to the manufacture of high temperature textiles. If you need our help and assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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