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Chemically Profiling Refractory Products
Chemically Profiling Refractory Products
November 30, 2017

Refractory products provide ample protection against corrosion and thermal insulation. They are a source of mechanical strength for furnaces, reactors and other processing units.


Refractory products are essential for the production of iron or iron making, cement, ceramics, glass, petrochemical power and more.


Many are unaware that these materials are the building blocks of the machinery we use in our daily lives such as planes, cars, and trains. It is even used for electricity. Refractory products are manufactured using different methods including:


  • Dry press process
  • Fused cast process
  • Hand molding method
  • Forming technique (normal, fired or chemical bonded)
  • Unformed refractories (monolithics, plastics, castable, etc.)


Refractory products are classified based on their properties and characteristics. They are typically categorized according to the chemical behavior of their constituent substances such as reaction to slag types. In this classification, there are three types of refractories:  


Acid refractories – Used in acidic environments, these materials are affected by alkalis (basic slags). Examples include alumino-silicate, silica and zirconia refractories.


Basic refractories - Used mainly for furnace linings in steelmaking operations where the environment is alkaline. Examples include dolomite, magnesite, and magnesia-chrome refractories.


Neutral refractories - This last type is chemically stable to both bases and acids and can be used in either acidic or basic environments. Common examples of neutral refractories are chromite and alumina materials.


Refractories can be classified in various ways but regardless of classification, they are all highly valued across industries. This is the main reason why FibreCast continues a relentless pursuit of developing the best refractory products and solutions to provide significant advantages to customers. With our more than two decades of experience in this field, we are the experts committed to offering high performance products that meet all industry requirements and applications. 


I didn't know there were that many different ways to manufacturing refractory products!
Posted by: Will | December 7, 2017, 11:40 am
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