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Tel: +1 (905) 319-1080 l 3264 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario, CA, L7M 1A7


FibreCast manufactures and distributes a full range of Hi-Temperature resistant products that represent “Best in Class” refractories and ceramic insulation products. We search the world for the best quality refractory materials to create products designed to perform in extreme environments. Our products deliver maximum performance and efficiency for protection and ceramic insulation, retaining or restricting the flow of combustion gases, molten metals and heat due to electrical resistance.


Whatever your refractory needs, we are committed to offering products and solutions designed for maximum performance, reliability and efficiency.

Our company is one giant R&D department – working tirelessly to solve refractory problems and improve the performance of today’s technologies.

Research and Development

Our Refractory Research and Development Facility is committed to discovering and creating new refractory products and ceramic insulation solutions. We search the world for the best in class refractory materials and we are constantly challenging the status quo to discover how we can make refractory products better. We are always looking for ways to increase the service life of existing refractory products and materials.

Our R&D lab can create a custom product or solution that goes beyond the confines of the orthodox to the extraordinary.

A few of the new products created in our R&D facility:

• SkidLite
• Steel Board Panels
• Steel Board Extra Strength

Design and Engineering

FibreCast’s highly skilled engineers allow us to offer complete design and engineering services.

FibreCast is proud to offer:

• On-site inspection and failure analysis

• Heat flow analysis

• Energy surveys

• Engineered lining designs (including AutoCAD drawings)

• Cost estimating

• Project Management.

These services allow FibreCast to provide expert analysis of customer processes and design requirements that enables us to offer effective refractory solutions.

Manufacturing and Construction

FibreCast operates a diverse manufacturing facility that enables us to offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to meet our customer’s standard and custom refractory requests and ceramic insulation requirements. Our facility is organized to enable projects that require the manufacturing of a component or a complete product.

Our manufacturing capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

• Vacuum Forming
• Die Cutting
• Module Fabrication
• Precast
• Hot Pressing
• CNC Machining
• Vessel Lining

FibreCast has complete in-house capabilities and refractory materials for a range of construction projects. Our experienced staff and expertise in refractory related construction enable us to offer a total solution that includes project estimates, procurement and project management.

Our experienced tradesmen have installed refractories in many types of industrial applications including:
• Heat treating
• Steelmaking
• Incineration
• Boilers/Steam generation
• Non-ferrous melting applications


We offer personalized consulting services to help you to better understand the design, materials, maintenance and operation of your refractory products. FibreCast’s consultants and engineers work closely together through all phases of the project.

Our projects are highly diversified and often include a range of consulting services:
• Custom design
• Repair of a refractory product
• Development and deployment of a new product or solution

We are also committed to performance and reliability through all phases of a refractory repair or capital project to ensure the repaired, replaced or new refractory will meet plant demands.

We are extremely proud of our track record in offering our customers the technical expertise that provides refractory end-users definitive answers to your refractory challenges and opportunities. Our consultants work hand in hand with you to help you decide whether it’s time to build new units or if you should replace or repair the unit.