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Cement Overview

The global cement industry is expected to grow by +9% by 2020. The growth will be driven by the increased standard of living and purchasing capacity of people in emerging markets. India and China are the key drivers of growth in the past 10 years. The increase in the purchasing power of these emerging markets in tandem with the growth in population is driving the growth for industrial and residential projects worldwide. This increase in the number of l construction projects will drive the global demand for refractories in the cement industry.

Each step of the cement-making process has special requirements regarding the correct choice of refractory supplies and materials. As a refractory materials supplier, it’s imperative we pay close attention to each step. The design of the plant, the raw materials used in the process, and the various fuel options, all have a major influence on the refractories required.  Alkali infiltrations, build-ups, abrasions and the use of alternative fuels, must all be carefully evaluated.

FibreCast has over 20 years' experience in creating products and our commitment to R&D allows us to offer the most innovative and advanced refractory supplies and solutions. Our innovative approach in tandem with our expertise as a refractory materials supplier paves the way towards excellence in product development to consistently meet our customer's requirements. The insulation required in the cement industry can vary with the materials used, processes employed and type of fuel powering the manufacturing process. Build-ups and abrasions are regular occurrences in this industry and the refractories installed must stand up to mechanical shock. We also understand that a refractory materials supplier needs to be knowledgeable; a refractory material suitable for all the operative conditions does not exist therefore we work with our customers to create refractory supplies and solutions aligned with specific technical requirements.

FibreCast understands the key drivers of performance by understanding the unique features and benefits of refractories used in the cement industry. We understand the key objectives and limitations of refractories used in the cement industry in accordance to application. FibreCast is a market leader in developing products and solutions driven by prescribed protocols of refractory performance. We understand that a burner lance requires refractories that are uniquely different from a calciner or smoke chamber and our expertise has played a pivotal role in our position of leadership in the cement industry.


Applications in the Cement Industry

  • Burner Lance
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Preheater
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Tertiary Air Ducts
  • Kiln Hood
  • Cooler
  • Calciner


FibreCast works closely with our customers to identify the appropriate refractory material for the chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of the environment. Using our products can reduce damage due to corrosion and minimize downtime for repair all while maintaining process capacity and maximizing thermal efficiency.

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