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Castable Refractory Materials – Custom Solutions
Castable Refractory Materials – Custom Solutions
March 09, 2018

We manufacture and distribute a wide array of high-temperature resistant products. As a global leader in the industry, we produce and carry the best available products for high-temperature industrial applications. With a wide range of ceramic fiber and insulation materials, we can provide solutions for flame shielding and protection, heat insulation or fire suppression. We offer custom solutions like castable refractories for unique applications.


Monolithics - Castable Refractories


These are unformed refractories, which we offer in granulated or plastic forms. Manufactured using various techniques, they are commonly used for various industrial applications:

  • Iron, steel and Cement
  • Non-ferrous metallurgical
  • Boilers and Waste Disposals
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical Industries and many more!


Our Monolithic Castable Refractory is available in every shape and form and we have developed different formulations to better suit every unique individual need. Our products include Plico materials, which are well respected for structural strength, high temperature resistance and vibration dampening. Here are a few lists of the products we offer aside from specific custom products.

  1. Cement Castables: Cement based monolithics for varied uses.
  2. Non-Cement Castables:  Cement free for certain specific needs and applications
  3. Free-Flow Castables: A unique blend designed for special applications.
  4. Aluminum Contact Castables: Unique formulations with different levels of conductivity
  5. Gunning Mixes: Provide the ability to mix chemistry that produces varied types of insulation
  6. Plastic Refractories: Lighter and offers different benefits from other material base
  7. Shotcrete
  8. Ultra-Low Cement

These custom shapes come pre-cast and are precisely shaped to the design, which gives the stability and improved performance of refractory linings. Our monolithic can provide the necessary chemical inertness, abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance at high temperatures as well as mechanical integrity needed to perform to the industry standard.

do you carry anything besides plico?
Posted by: Jean Luc | October 31, 2018, 4:41 pm
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