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Applications Where Ceramic Blankets Work Best
Applications Where Ceramic Blankets Work Best
May 30, 2017

When looking for leak-proof sealing of joints for high temperate components, it is important to have the right gasket. At ideal, ceramic fiber blankets are recommended for their ability to retain their stability and a strong melt-free pose. Produced with high purity (typically grade 1) ceramic fiber, the gaskets can flexibly handle temperatures of up to 23000 F without melting or burning out. For more effective results, high stability binders are further added to give the fiber-based ceramic gaskets longer service life even at high pressure


High-pressure joints for ceramic fiber blankets

Although the gaskets in this class are primarily made from high profile alumino-silicates and pure fiberglass, they can also be crafted with reinforced substrates. This allows them to effectively handle extreme temperatures and pressure with minimal chances of burning out or melting. As a result, the sealed joints conform to high standards of industrial joints in the gas and oil industry as well as heated water applications among others. For more effective and consistent results, the ceramic fiber blankets should be stabilized with anti-shock and low thermal conductivity bases.


Molten transfers


When handling molten materials, you need to have reliable and highly effective gaskets. This protects your sealed joints from allowing the leakage of molten materials during transportation. At ideal, this ensures that your molten materials do not leak out during transportation. For better outcomes, fiberglass-based gaskets are recommended. Whenever used, the gaskets will always deliver optimal results.

To get highly reliable joints consistently, you need to have finely selected gaskets. Not all fiberglass or ceramic fiber blankets are ideal for your use. For the best consumer or domestic level applications, Fiber Cast Gaskets is the ideal place for you. We have the right sealing materials at the right price. For more details or for a quote, contact

Thanks for the informative read!
Posted by: Candice K. | June 13, 2017, 2:19 pm
This ceramic fiber blanket looks helpful and heat resistant. This blog post definitely captivated me.
Posted by: chris2 | May 30, 2017, 4:47 pm
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