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An Introduction to Ceramic Fiber Blankets
An Introduction to Ceramic Fiber Blankets
July 31, 2017

Ceramic fiber blankets are a type of insulation material constructed as one continuous blanket. This blanket is composed of pure materials melted at high temperature to ensure its insulation capacities. The following are some of the qualities of ceramic fiber blankets.

Properties of Ceramic Fiber Blankets

  • Heat Resistant. A ceramic fiber blanket does not use organic adhesives. Due to the use of high temperatures to fuse the bonds of the material, the surface is smooth. These two qualities allow the ceramic fiber blanket to resist high temperatures and prevent absorption of heat. Furthermore, the fibrous nature of its construction also allows it to absorb other forceful impacts such as sound and even projectiles.
  • Lightweight. A ceramic fiber blanket is lightweight due to its fibrous construction. Depending on the design and thickness required, there is an available ceramic fiber available to address the needs based on the density of the fabric as well as the stresses it would endure during its service life. Furthermore, the blanket is flexible, as it can easily adjust to the shapes and surface of the equipment that needs its protection.
  • Multi Use Capacity. A ceramic fiber blanket can be used for a number of purposes and equipment. These include applications in boilers, furnaces, generators, kilns and turbines. In smaller applications, the ceramic fiber blanket can be cut up and attached as gaskets, seals and insulators for specific purposes.

Clearly, a ceramic fiber blanket is a do-it-all kind of material. Not only is it heat resistant, it can also soundproof and projectile-proof a given area. The material is lightweight, providing little or no issue when installing. Its flexibility in use allows it to provide its insulation capacity in both large equipment and smaller applications. In the long run, there are many benefits that a ceramic fiber blanket can provide to any manufacturing company that utilizes it.

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