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An In-Depth Look at Ceramic Insulation
An In-Depth Look at Ceramic Insulation
October 11, 2018

Many industries, including the petrochemical, power generation, and steel industries, all entail operations that deal with intense heat. Refractory materials and products are often used in various kinds of applications that involve very high temperatures, but many wonder what ceramic insulation does!


Ceramic insulation materials come in different forms, with each being great for specific applications!


Ceramic fibers are made of silica and alumina, amongst other materials. They can be manufactured into many things. For instance, strong ceramic fibers are what makes up a ceramic insulation blanket. They are then needled or stitched together. This allows the ceramic insulation blanket to be easily handled and offers durability for whatever application you will need it for.


Since ceramic fiber is a popular choice for applications, there are various types of ceramic insulation that can be used for different applications. Here are some examples of different types of ceramic fiber and their uses:


Ceramic Fiber Blanket

As stated earlier, a ceramic fiber blanket contains ceramic fibers that are spun and woven together. These are an excellent option to use if your application will have direct contact or exposure towards flames. Companies such as power industries will frequently use this kind of ceramic insulation material.


Ceramic Fiber Rope

Ceramic fiber rope is a useful and versatile type of ceramic insulation material. Ceramic fiber ropes can be used as support as long as it is applied in places or structures that are highly resistant to heat.


Ceramic Paper

Ceramic paper is made of ceramic wool or fiber, and it is an excellent choice for anything that requires insulation. Typically used in gaskets, they are meant to withstand very high temperatures. Additionally, they can even reduce friction when used for packing items.


When you’re in need of ceramic insulation or refractory products, we at FibreCast have the products for you! Our products are specifically designed to withstand a variety of applications that range in heat and usage.

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