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Aluminum Overview

As the aluminum industry enters its next phase of growth, companies, and organizations are looking for partners who can help them face their challenges head-on.

Whether you are looking to order consumables, develop new processes, or find cost and efficiency improvements, FibreCast, and our expert staff are here to help you achieve your aluminum goals. For over 25 years FibreCast has been helping our partners fulfill their needs with care, quality, and reliability. We continue to innovate so we can offer you the best products, services, and solutions in the refractory industry. We at FibreCast look forward to helping your business succeed.


Commitment to Our Craft

FibreCast offers a full product line of our Polycrystalline products, from blankets, to vacuum formed products, and paper products too. Rated at up to 1600 degrees Celsius, our Polycrystalline products are not only ready for extreme heat, but they offer increased health and safety benefits for your staff when compared to traditional RCF.


When it comes time to keep your line flowing smoothly, turn to our full line up of boron nitride products. We recognize that different processes have different needs, so our engineers have developed a line of boron nitride coatings for different applications and coating methods. Chemically stable up to 1000 degrees Celsius, our boron nitride coatings offer inert, non-stick, non-wetting, and non-abrasive coatings with high-oxidization resistance individually suited to your needs.


Suited for applications up to 1100 degrees Celsius, our Calcium Silicate products can be sold as a board, or custom machined to your exact specifications ensuring we at FibreCast are always able to reliably provide what you need.


Looking for the heat advantages of Polycrystalline but the cost advantages of RCF? Try FibreCast’s CombiModules for the best of both worlds! By layering our RCF and Polycrystalline products together, we’ve created a product that is more cost-effective than traditional Polycrystalline but still offers greater thermal protection than RCF.


Our tap out cones are available in a variety of materials to suit your aluminum needs, from soluble fibre, RCF, or even Polycrystalline. From standard pieces to custom work, we at FibreCast are here for all of our partner’s refractory needs.


FibreCast’s Caster Tips are compressed during manufacturing for added durability and longevity. Not only that, but they can be machined to your exact specifications for specialty applications. They are also available pre-coated with one of our boron nitride coatings for a non-stick, non-wetting surface right out of the box.


Aluminum continues to play an increasingly important role in industry. In 2018, total aluminum consumption topped 62.9 million metric tonnes. Over the coming years, aluminum is projected to see expanded and new use in;

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Packaging


The US aluminum market alone is projected to exceed $300 billion US by 2026. Thanks to its low weight, high strength, and advantages in being recyclable, opportunities will continue to present themselves for the aluminum industry. To help you best take advantage of these opportunities, FibreCast is here as your reliable partner for all your aluminum refractory needs.

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