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Tel: +1 (905) 319-1080 l 3264 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario, CA, L7M 1A7

About Us

350,000 years ago the fire was discovered by our ancestors. The ability to harness the potential of fire was a major catalyst in pushing civilizations forward. Fire was used to cook food, make tools, provide heat and light. Human brains evolved and their bodies grew stronger discovering new lands and food sources all because of fire.  Mankind first became aware of refractory materials in the Early Bronze Age (3000-4000 BC) when primitive pit kilns were dug into the ground to create earthenware and tools.


It is believed that these kilns were dug in heat and fire resistant soil that retained heat (Thermal Insulation) and maintained form (Fire resistant or refractories). The pursuit and discovery of fire resistant materials and iron producing technologies triggered the Industrial Revolution with China leading the charge with mineral rich resources and technologies.


From the early dawn of human existence, fire was used to make our days longer and our brains work harder and our food taste better. Fast forward thousands of years to today and fire is still critical to our survival!


From the cement under our feet to the gas in our car, to the lights above our head, glasses and dishes we use every day to the pizza’s in our ovens; Refractories and ceramic gasket innovations have played a pivotal role in pushing the human race forward. From ancient civilizations to our ancestors during the industrial revolution, harnessing the potential of fire was the catalyst for creating the modern and the luxurious world we live in today.


Our History

FibreCast was founded in 1993 by George Badovinac and Jules Jarc with a single purpose – To increase the quality and industry standards for refractory products. George and Jules wanted to develop products like refractory materials and ceramic gasket products that were more aligned with industry challenges and opportunities. The company started by two visionaries who have a combined experience of over 50 years for Refractory Design Engineering and Innovation. George and Jules wanted to create a company that delivered excellent service in addition to best in class products and solutions.

Our Purpose and Our Promise

The word that best describes our company is Sure-Fire which means certain not to fail. At FibreCast we are committed to developing Sure-Fire ceramic gasket products and solutions driven by our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence. We search the world for “Best in Class” Refractories to offer you the highest quality products designed to take the heat!

FibreCast is an acknowledged leader in the vacuum forming and refractory industry, driven by our total commitment to excellence in product quality and service to exceed customer’ expectations. We are proud to offer high performance refractory products and ceramic gasket materials for every requirement.

At FibreCast we work hard to attract and retain quality staff. We are committed to continuous training and development of our employees because we believe they play a pivotal role in the success of our company. 


We are extremely proud of our leadership role as a refractory company providing products and solutions:

Vacuum-Formed Products

Refractory Fiber Products

Refractory Modules




Refractory Gaskets/Seals

Refractory Hardware


Fire Protection*


We offer best in class refractory solutions in the following areas:

Iron and Steel



Power Generation

Domestic OEM

Ceramic and Glass


Fabricators and Contractors


I have been dealing with FibreCast for several years now and they always do their best to take care of our insulating needs. They are always friendly, knowledgeable and eager, the service is great and the prices are fair and competitive.


We appreciate the good day to day service, the prompt follow-up to inquiries, and the thorough technical resources of the people at Fibrecast.


FibreCast is a world leading refractory company focused on creating innovative solutions with a 27,000 square foot office and manufacturing plant in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and an office and warehouse in Quebec. Our greatest assets are our highly skilled and dedicated employees inspired by our loyal customers.


Please do not hesitate to contact FibreCast for any questions or comments you may have.