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A Guide To FibreCast’s Refractory Products
A Guide To FibreCast’s Refractory Products
June 13, 2018

We at FibreCast offer a wide range of fibre-formed refractory products.  We take pride in the quality products that we’re able to produce, as they use the best in-class materials and set high standards when it comes to innovation and refractory work.


The refractory products that we supply here at FibreCast can be used in a variety of refractory processes.


Our refractory products have the best insulating properties in the country. Because of their superior thermal insulation and the low thermal conductivity that they provide, our refractory products are incredibly useful.


What Are the Various Types of Refractory Products?


  • Bulk Fibre – Bulk fibre is the foundation for all of our fibre products. With many applications that they may serve, we strive to provide consistent, high quality bulk products for whatever application you may have. This is why we offer bulk fibre in a variety of formulations. From high purity, to soluble fibre, we do our best to ensure that we can solutions for whatever refractory project you have.
  • Blanket – A ceramic blanket provides high insulation, and can also be manufactured with different specifications based on density, thickness and chemistry. The blankets that we offer include soluble, high purity, zirconia, and maftec.
  • Paper /Felts – These products are both lightweight and flexible, and can service applications that require a range of thermal characteristics.
  • Textiles – Our line of textile products include rope, tape, sleeving and cloth. Our textiles are designed to have excellent resistance to thermal shock, corrosive attack, and physical stress, to ensure that it can withstand a variety of industrial processes involving heat and chemicals.


By being one of the best suppliers of high quality refractory products in the world, we have become a global leader in refractory innovation. With over 25 years of proven experience, we take great pride in providing innovative, high-quality, refractory solutions for industries worldwide.

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