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A Guide to FibreCast’s Ceramic Blanket
A Guide to FibreCast’s Ceramic Blanket
May 25, 2018

FibreCast is a global provider of high-performance refractory products and high temperature textiles that are used in a variety of industries with a diverse range of applications. A ceramic blanket is one of our products that provides high heat insulation!


We offer more than one type of ceramic blanket, each with its own set of characteristics!



Our soluble ceramic blanket comes in two types. Our two types of soluble ceramic blankets are both lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy transportation and can be placed in a variety of positions. They also have a low thermal conductivity and provide excellent shock resistance. These fibers can be used in working environments of up to 1, 260°C (2, 300°F)

  • Isofrax -- Our Isofrax ceramic blanket offers good handling strength, low heat storage, and excellent corrosion resistance, thermal stability, and chemical stability.
  • Insulfrax -- Our Insulfrax ceramic blanket is strong and needled, which gives it a high tensile strength. This ceramic blanket is also completely inorganic, meaning no smoke is generated when placed in heat!


High Purity Ceramic Fibre

This ceramic blanket has the same temperature grade of our soluble fibers (1, 260°C), except this blanket is made from alumina-silica materials. These materials provide this blanket with low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, and excellent corrosion and thermal shock resistance!



This ceramic blanket offers high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and shrinkage. The Zirconia blanket is ideal for industries that deal with chemical processing and ferrous metal. It also serves as excellent backup insulation in high-temperature processes. chemical processing and ferrous metal industries, as well as backup insulation in high-temperature processes.


Maftec/Polycrystalline Mullite

This ceramic blanket has the highest temperature grade, allowing it to be used in working environments of up to 1, 649°C! This blanket is appropriate for most industrial processes due to its extreme durability, very low thermal conductivity, and strong resistance to chemical attack.


This blanket also has a low shrinkage, providing this ceramic blanket with a longer product life!


At FibreCast, you can ensure we’ll provide you with the very best in refractory innovation. Whether you’re in the metal, ceramic, fabrication, or petrochemical industry, our products ensure that your industrial needs will be met!

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